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Batty question...

Yes, I *could* sleep now but I rather spend my time online ;)

So, geeky f-list, I have a question and I hope nobody's going to slap me for my ignorance.

Batman is wearing a cape right? And from what I could tell from Batman Begins (the little part that I understood of it anyway), he has these neat gloves on which the cape is attached somehow and with which he can somehow "span" the cape in order to be able to glide. Is that correct so far?

But... the cape isn't always "connected" with the gloves, is it? I mean, when he's not gliding, the cape is just... hanging down from his shoulders like Superman's is, right?

That's the actual question*
If you wanna show off a bit, you can tell me how it works that suddenly there's a connection between the gloves and the cape... but be prepared that I'm absolutely clueless and while I'll certainly try, I may not understand what you're saying ;)

*And I really hope this is nothing dependent on which Batman I'm talking about but canon somehow ;)

ETA: Oh, it just crossed my mind (while googling images) that maybe the cape isn't actually attached to the gloves at all but only to the arms of his armor/suit? See... I have no idea... :S 
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