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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Batty question...
Yes, I *could* sleep now but I rather spend my time online ;)

So, geeky f-list, I have a question and I hope nobody's going to slap me for my ignorance.

Batman is wearing a cape right? And from what I could tell from Batman Begins (the little part that I understood of it anyway), he has these neat gloves on which the cape is attached somehow and with which he can somehow "span" the cape in order to be able to glide. Is that correct so far?

But... the cape isn't always "connected" with the gloves, is it? I mean, when he's not gliding, the cape is just... hanging down from his shoulders like Superman's is, right?

That's the actual question*
If you wanna show off a bit, you can tell me how it works that suddenly there's a connection between the gloves and the cape... but be prepared that I'm absolutely clueless and while I'll certainly try, I may not understand what you're saying ;)

*And I really hope this is nothing dependent on which Batman I'm talking about but canon somehow ;)

ETA: Oh, it just crossed my mind (while googling images) that maybe the cape isn't actually attached to the gloves at all but only to the arms of his armor/suit? See... I have no idea... :S 

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First off, you have to realize that it's different in different versions. Most versions of Batman can't do that. In Batman Returns, he could turn his cape into a hang glider, but he had a framework he had to attach.

In Batman Begins, his cape was made of a special fabric (and I believe fabrics like this exist) which takes on a predetermined rigid shape when fed a mild electric current. Leave it, and it's cloth. Zap it, and it's a hard surface.

The gloves are the control. There's a button or something on them which turns the current on. When he presses it, a current goes through the cape, causing it to resume the shape it was designed for - a hang glider.

We saw him playing around with a glove that had cloth draping off his fingers. If he held his hand in a certain way, the current would activate, turning them into rigid poles. Either he has that cloth attached all the time (and just folded down, over his gloves), or he has it woven into the cape, and slips his hands in when he wants to glide. More likely the latter, IMO, but I don't think we're ever clearly shown.

Make sense?

Heee! Thanks a lot (and sorry for replying so late, I couldn't login properly lately because I was on satellite dial-up dsl - posting worked but not commenting... whyever that is ;)) - you and Lara were the guys I'd been hoping for!

Yeah, I remember that glove-playing scene - looked pretty cool :D And in general, I think they explained the whole costume thing rather well... guess most of it was language trouble or me ;)

So, thanks for helping there - I think that answered my question.
I may come back though and nag you more ;)

well, I know nothing about Batverse but, just thought I'd share this. Honestly, you gotta watch it and LOL!

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