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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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How do you know that your day sucks?
When you pay a huge amount of extra money at the post office just because you're too shy to argue with the clerk there...
... and you get back your last paper with a note to please correct the crap you've written asap
... and you ride home crying and thus don't notice that your bike gets in the rails and crash down
... and break your bike
... and your laptop.


And then you get home and all you really want is to go to bed and never wake up. And you check your mails and find notifications that some friends thought of you and sent you silly facebook applications to wish you a nice day.

And you know that even if your day sucks, life doesn't :)

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I hope you are okay though from falling off the bike. It sucks about the laptop and bike but you are the most important thing and you didn't tell us if you were injured! *hugs you again*

Hang in there my dear. Things will be better tomorrow (or today depending on when you get this).

Thanks - those are the messages that make me smile! *hugs*

I'm kinda okay. My head hurts and there are some bruises on my legs but nothing too serious - I guess I'll be fine in a couple of days.

Thanks again!


Aww! so bike and laptop dead or just nursing?

hopefully now is: WE!!!!!!!! Party!!!!!!

...or go to bed have some well deserved rest! :)


I don't know about the bike... I left it in the city because the brakes are screwed.
And the fan of the laptop's broken. No idea whether I can fix that, so that sucks.
(For a minute I saw it as a sign to get a MacBook then :P)

And thanks :)
No party for me but studying - but that'll certainly mean rest.

hihi! Macbook are DA comps!!

but you know, I found myself a real cheap laptop cooling stuff that works for MAc and PC and you just usb port connect it on yor laptop. Belkyn does that if I remmeber correctly.

basicvally, it's a plate you put your comp on and, it cools the whole thing down plus elevates laptop so you get better typing and watching comfort. win-win... and I remembered correctly! ;p

Oooooh! *wants*

That would be so useful for me and my slightly overheated laptop!

*wants badly*

wants badly, wants badly... c'est quand déjà ton anniversaire?

I still don't speak French. ;)

no pro... we all can teach you! *eg*

was just asking her about her Bdate...

In response to my comment... What am I missing here?

well, nothing since most of it was in english and I just translated you the only french part. ;p

happy sunday! :)

*huggles Jana*

I hope you can get the laptop working properly again. And possibly your bike too.

Hope you'll be fine again soon as well. :)

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