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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Playing baseball with a golf club...
... that's kinda how I looked last weekend...
We had our traditional mini golf tournament in which students compete against professors :)

As last year, it was lots of fun and as last year, we won... even if it was just 56 vs. 60 (strokes for 18 holes).
I kinda sucked this time, though... yet another career gone :P

If nothing else these pics can tell you that
1) I love taking photos
2) I've been up way too long the night before (as usual :P)
3) we really won
4) it was hot enough not to wear shoes
5) I'm completely obsessed with bats
6) I have no idea how to play golf

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and is it me or did you win a gol;f cup of sort?

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