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Je me souviens...

I mentioned this in another recent entry and laramoon's comment made me realize that while I posted this somewhere, I didn't quite make a point in promoting it here:

I'm trying to cut back rambly going-abroad postings in my LJ - although these days, it's a huge part of my life, I'm well aware that not all of my friends are interested in that ;) And looking at this journal in 10 years, I don't wanna think of myself as some obsessed lunatic (it's bad enough to live with this knowledge *now* ;)). But I'm going to have to present a report to the scholarship agency (which again reminds me that I really really need to write a new entry - heee!) at the end of 2008, so this might be of help then.

So, some months ago, I created another journal which you can reach here: jana_in_canada
I'm not going to add all my regular friends because of what I mentioned up there - feel free to friend me there but be aware that:

- this is going to remain an open LJ, not locks at all
- I might post in German or French once in a while
- it's totally random from time to time (weather, school, people...)
- there won't be much content until I leave (except for visa stuff, looking for a roof over my head, and so on)

Looking forward to maybe seeing some of you guys over there - don't worry, I'll still post some rather important things here.
Tags: abroad
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