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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Because I hate AWOL...
I'll be out of touch (LJ-, Facebook- and whatnot-wise except for MSN probably) for a couple of days, mostly because there's so much stuff going on here...
I'm completely glutted with work and university and all that more or less voluntary crap (student body, committees...) is slowly eating me up. I have no idea how to get all this juggled...

I'm constantly pulling all-nighters to get my work done, I'm lacking sleep something serious :(

Anyway, just so nobody wonders, I'm still alive and... um... kicking... more or less ;)

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don't give up! you'll get'em!

go out there and give all those some good kick in the...er... wherever needed! ;p

*points to icon: Goldopinguin to the rescue!*

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