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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Weird genetic cocktail...
general: apples
of a geek (my dad) and a cook (my mum). I (= the outcome) decided to celebrate like this:

The batty ones are chocolate (obviously), the super ones are cherry-banana. And they're all gone now :D
And I had a real nice flashback making them - just that this time I was not sitting on the floor, chatting with one hand and threatening to spread chocolate all over my laptop while decorating GingerBatMan ;)

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you guys who were thinking of me today, one way or another. I got a lot of lovely e-mails, text messages, e-cards, postcards, entries on my walls at facebook and studivz, phone calls, comments in my journal and a wonderful thread at the boards. You have no idea what all that means to me - makes me feel really special!

Furthermore, I got a lot of cute presents from my friends in school:

(Click will get you a larger pic with notes ;))

And this is me cuddling with Kurti and just being really happy :)

And, btw, um... if anyone knows their way around "these" *points to icon*... I could use some help because :cough:Igotmyselfone:cough: ;)

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I dunno. There might be an easier way. If flickr can do it, there probably is. But... I dunno. Oh well. Still neat.

Spidey's gone through some changes of late. Have you heard about One More Day?

Spider-Girl rocks, though. Yay for Spider-Girl icon!

Have you tried Ultimate Marvel at all?

My comics guy, if you want to check him out, has a page up over here. 15% discount on everything, including international shipping. And great, personal, flexible service. It's just one guy doing it in his spare time, and he's only got a couple of dozen customers. And you can get anything you want out of Previews, the catalog most comic shops use to get most, if not all, of their inventory.

And... you're welcome. It's only the truth. :)

Yeah, I figured you'd like the icon - she's really awesome! And I'm glad that I don't seem to be the only one thinking so... Some weeks ago, there was "someone" mocking my fascination with her... and the next day she'd hear from you that you liked her and in an instant Spider-Girl becomes likeable - how do you do that? :P

And, seriously, I don't have the first idea about the Marvel universe and the events in it at all - probably because I'm still a bit more into DC. I know some characters and stuff but that's all there is to it... yet :)
Totally looking forward to my vacation in the Netherlands and then Canada - I already have copies from France and Germany (obviously...) in the respective languages and it's even more fun to read them in a language you don't know and try to figure out what happens just from the images.

Thanks for the link. The page looks kinda cute: A bit unprofessional and thus really adorable :)
I'll definitely check it out!

how do you do that??

Through the shear power of awesomeness. ;)

Actually, it's by (I would assume) talking about what's so great and unique about the book (and its small but dedicated fandom), because otherwise you end up with the same reaction I had when I heard about X-23. "Wolverine has a daughter now? And she has her own comic book? Isn't he overexposed enough? Did we need a watered-down spin-off version, too?" And, maybe I should have given that book a chance, because Spider-Girl isn't like that at all. But I make sure to try and dispel that reaction when I talk about her.

And, seriously, I don't have the first idea about the Marvel universe and the events in it at all - probably because I'm still a bit more into DC. I know some characters and stuff but that's all there is to it... yet :)

I used to be the other way around. I subscribed to Marvel Direct, which got me the books more cheaply, but (obviously) only Marvel titles. It was years before I started reading DC, and years more before I expanded from the Bat-titles to the Super ones, too.

Marvel currently has two universes. There's the regular (aka 616) universe and the Ultimate universe. 616 is the original Marvel Universe, with continuity (such as it is) going back to the 60's. The Ultimate universe was created in 2000. Started with Ultimate Spider-Man, and grew from there. It started off as a clean slate, with things working more the way they should be done in comics. Clear continuity, permanent death, major events in one book having effects in the others, etc. They've kind of drifted away from that a bit, but it's still sleeker and more interesting (I think) than the regular Marvel Universe stuff. (Note that Spider-Girl exists in the MC2 Universe, and does not count as part of the regular Marvel Universe.)

616 Spider-Man recently had a major overhaul. Aunt May was shot, hit by a bullet meant for Peter (which he dodged). Peter went looking for a way to save her. Any way. But no one could help him. So, finally, he and Mary Jane made a deal with I Can't Believe It's Not The Deviltm Mephisto, who, tired of collecting souls, decided that his price would be destroying the sacred bond that is their True Love.

In short... To save Aunt May's life, Peter and MJ agreed to have their marriage magically wiped from continuity. (Because Marvel's EIC hates the marriage and has been trying to get rid of it for years.)

It's about the biggest, dumbest retcon since... *sigh* Never mind. There have been too many of those in the last few years.

They're trying to return to more traditional Spidey stuff, and some of it's been good. But some of it has been disappointing and stupid. (I wrote an entry about some of it a while back.)So... be warned/prepared/whatever.

Moving on...

Reading comics in other languages does sound pretty cool. And maybe a good way to learn the language. If you don't mind saying "zounds!" from time to time. ;) (I'm trying to train myself to say "great scott!" when appropriate, but it's hard to remember to do that when you're surprised, and, really, it doesn't come up that often.

And yes... the page is very basic. Like I said, it's a minor sideline by one guy (with software help from a friend/customer). If you go to his main page, there's a bit more to it. He's big into beer (and has a whole blog about it), has another blog about more random stuff, and writes cartoons satirizing Bush. Jacey Services, his comic book company, is almost a hobby. To make a little extra cash... for beer money, of course. ;) He literally has about two dozen customers. Which, like I said, means that you get very personal service. And yeah, it's more homey than professional, which I like. Comic book shops should be like that. :)

Crap... I hate it when firefox crashes... and I especially hate it when that happens after I've written a long comment... and I really especially hate when that happens before I head to school because that means, I won't remember what I had written once I'm back home... :S

Through the shear power of awesomeness. ;)

Yeah, I figured it must've been something like that ;)

Seriously, maybe it's just that I'm not really inside all these fandoms. This way, I don't find anything "weird" about Spider-Girl (or Wolverine's daughter for that matter) to begin with. I just knew, there was Batgirl and Supergirl, so I figured that there must be SpiderGirl out there, too. And then I saw her and found her "history" quite interesting (and, to say the truth, rather hot... I think women shouldn't be allowed to wear anything else but spandex :P), so I didn't mind.

Thanks you so much for the outline, that was very interesting! Now I know where to go with nagging questions :)
Oh, just one (probably rather random) question: Is it "six hundred sixteen" or "six one six" (or maybe something completely different)?
Just so that I don't make too much of a fool of myself when talking to English speaking comic fans ;)

And, ouch, yeah, that whole marriage thing really sucks :S
I mean, seriously, why do they first do stuff like that in the first place just to annoy (and confuse in my case) the fans later on? Especially by stupid means like Mephisto or, say, clones... just really sad.

LOL about "great scott" (Did you know there was a wikipedia entry about that expression? I'm impressed (and one of these days I'll hopefully remember how to make a link in html without always having to look up the code :P))

Edited at 2008-07-17 01:53 pm (UTC)

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