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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Dear USB stick...

... would you please, PLEASE, never ever again scare the sh*t out of me by pretending to have messed up my script?
The 106 pages script. Which I've been working on day and night. For two months now. Which is the basis of my exams. Without which I'll be doomed in 2.5 weeks.

Thank you very much! In return I'll go on supplying you with good music and promise to delete each and every boyband song. Really, I will!

In everlasting devotion,


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Back it up now just in case! Email it to yourself just in case. :D

Um, yeah... usually I'm the one rolling her eyes over people who rely on something as fragile as a stupid USB stick with their most impotant data.

The emailing is a good idea, especially because I work on this file at different places everywhere in the city. Just... it's 15 MB now... I might rather save it online somehow ;)

Also put it on the external hard drive... and never be too cautious with something so important!

Good luck with the script and exam!

Yeah, I better do that :)

And thanks! Seriously, I would have rescinded this exam if the file had been fucked up - I'm sooo glad!

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