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Today was kind of a so-so day.

I had an appointment with our new student counselor. In fact, I never knew we had someone like that - is that a good (no need for help) or a bad (lack of information) sign?
Anyway, I talked to him about my plans to go abroad. Considering the fact that he already got two e-mails by and one personal talk with me, he was pretty uninformed but  fairly nice.
He gave me a form to state all the courses I attended (and plan to attend) until summer 2008. I was like:

"Well, you mean, all the subjects the university regularities tell me to have attended?"
"Why, no. I mean, all the lectures and seminars you actually attended. Which means, everything you got a proof of attendance for. Which is going to be hard on you because normally no one here gives you that piece of paper as you don't need it to pass the exams."

Oh, great... So all I have proof of so far are the few lectures you could write tests in and my four presentations in seminars. That's it - after 2 years of study.
I mean, at first I didn't think, that would be such a bad thing. I need to be graded as a junior, i.e. in the third year since UCLA won't enroll me as a senior. What I didn't think of is that this would mean to spend 2 years in the States until the bachelor. 2 years off from Sid, from my work, from my family and friends. And last and certainly least: Two years of fees which I can't even pay for one year :(

But hey, I just got a solution for this problem: While reading the instruction on how to fill out this form, I came across an interesting part:
You have to know, here in Germany, we have grades from
1,0 (best, around 96%)  - very good
2,0 - good
3,0 - satisfying
4,0 (60%) - sufficient.
These verbal evaluations are also quite common here.
So, to make grades comparable, they explained how to calculate our verbal expressions into those letter marks: A, B, C etc.

It was only then that I discovered that
"A" is the equivalent to "excellent",
"B" means "very good",
"C" means "good"

Gee, that would mean, that even if you get the best grade possible here, there's no way to achieve an A!
What is that supposed to tell me? I mean, my grades are not the best but pretty good (average of 1,5) but there was a slight hope to gain a GPA of 3,5 - that's the average of people accepted at UCLA.
But with this irrational and unfair calculation, my GPA dropped to 2.25. Honestly, what university would take me?!?

I talked to my counselor and he's pretty aware of the problem. But he simply shrugged and told something about special competition... but even if one achieved 100% in every exam, he would only get a GPA of 3 - that's way too little for the great universities.
I know, there's something wrong because the official regularities state something different but I have no idea what to do about that. If the university knows about the problem and still hasn't done anything, there must be a reason.

Okay, I realize, it's getting pretty late for me. My thoughts get more and more confused and I have to look up every other silly vocable (See, I even had to look up whether there's a single form of "vocabulary" - and I still think this word is odd).
Maybe I should simply bury my dreams of UCLA - it's not that there aren't other universities. There are just no others I fell in love with :(
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