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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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general: apples
I'm looking for a neat messenger - here's what it would need to do/have (in vague order of importance):

- enable me to receive *and* send custom emoticons (/misses the :hug: and the supeban)
- save chatlogs
- combine all the "popular" messengers (MSN!!!, AIM; possibly ICQ, Skype and GoogleTalk as well)
- allow me to show and read status messages (and, if possible, combine with iTunes or WMP)
- allow me to receive messages sent when I was offline
- allow me to be displayed offline (that's not too important, though)

Oh, and all of that for Mac OS X 10.5, please ;)

Right now, I'm using Adium - and while the little Bat-Duckie icon is soooo cute, it sucks that most of the stuff I mentioned up there isn't working.
I'm up for all kinds of suggestions. This is your chance to plug your favorite messenger :)

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I don't know of one currently for the Mac OS but it looks like they will have a trillian version in the future:


It pretty much does everything you ask for there. I've been using it for years.

Have you tried Trillian? It's what I use. Doesn't meet all of those, but it does hit some. Automatic logging. MSN, AIM, and ICQ combined. Skype semi-integrated if you spring for the paid version (which allows for plugins and extra customization). Google with the paid version, too. Offline messages sort of work, depending on the network. Invisible mode works. And, free or paid, there are no ads. Don't know about custom smileys. There is a MacOS version. Status messages show up, and you can set yourself to "away" or whatever, but changing your display name (while doable) isn't so simple.

So... it's not the perfect messenger, but it fits most of your needs, particularly if you're willing to spring for the paid version. It's $25 USD... or you can actually get it free now, via trialpay. (Basically, if you haven't heard... you agree to get at least a trial version of something from an advertiser, and you get this free.)

I see jojo beat me to it while I was writing this up. And she's right... no MacOS yet, but it's in alpha testing. Sorry.

P.P.S. Trillian 3 was in private beta for a long time, so don't hold your breath on the MacOS version. However, much as I hate to admit it, Wiki is actually maybe useful for stuff like this.

They have a whole page about multiprotocal IM clients. You'll have to cross-reference with the OS support chart from the general IM clients page. But hopefully, that'll help you find something.

Thanks for all the links :)
I'll definitely check them out!

Right now I went back to MSN but I'm using Adium for the rest... it's just not really convenient, so I hope there's something better out there.

10.5... darn! you're under Leopard. It's brand new but the emoticons things worked better under tiger (10.4.1 or .2, I mean anything 10.4 but not 10.5).

That maybe why you're having emoticons problems. though am no expert. I thought Leopard wouldn't swallow other versions' specifics (like Tiger's... yeah, am under Tiger, how funny is that? *g*) but went to Mac store and the girl told me that, yeas, that was very un-Mac wise but seems that's what Leopard does. If you want,, since I totally forgot to ask about msn and emoticons, I can go back tomorrow, or better, call and ask. Am sure she'll help in a clinch. She's been a savior when I went thru both Ipod and Ibook troubles.

Weird that you can see some of the emoticons and not all of them... *scratches head*

I'll keep looking...

oh, one more thing: do you use Safari or Firefox to surf? Usually Safari's already in your ibook but some users had glitch and say Firefox's much safer.

OK, it's in french but the guy had the same trouble you did with your msn, is operating under same system as you and also uses Adium so I though, you know. If you need any hepl with techie translation, holler! :)

Hope it helps

Edited at 2008-07-21 06:38 pm (UTC)

I'm up for all kinds of suggestions.

I'm having a real naughty one here. As in, er... ditch Adium?

for the record -- I use Live Messenger for MSN, and Adium for everything else.

Yes, it sucks. No, there's not much of a choice otherwise... I spent weeks trying other software, there's nothing that'll give you everything you want. That only really exists on PC -- same as everything else.

Okay - thanks. That's pretty much what I'm doing now, too. Adium is neat for a lot of stuff. Just this "no custom emoticons" really bugeed me... enough to use MSN for mac now.
Now all I need to do is getting back my hundreds of emoticons ;)

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