schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,


I'm looking for a neat messenger - here's what it would need to do/have (in vague order of importance):

- enable me to receive *and* send custom emoticons (/misses the :hug: and the supeban)
- save chatlogs
- combine all the "popular" messengers (MSN!!!, AIM; possibly ICQ, Skype and GoogleTalk as well)
- allow me to show and read status messages (and, if possible, combine with iTunes or WMP)
- allow me to receive messages sent when I was offline
- allow me to be displayed offline (that's not too important, though)

Oh, and all of that for Mac OS X 10.5, please ;)

Right now, I'm using Adium - and while the little Bat-Duckie icon is soooo cute, it sucks that most of the stuff I mentioned up there isn't working.
I'm up for all kinds of suggestions. This is your chance to plug your favorite messenger :)
Tags: apple
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