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Do you know this feeling when you suddenly realize you did something really really wrong?

You chose the wrong words, you rolled your eyes, you forgot something important... and you wonder and muse and worry what to do about it. And then... you pick up the phone, send a mail or a text message.

And by the way they react, the other person just lets you know that they don't need to hear the actual words. That your initiative shows how much you care and that you are sorry. Not quite "Don't worry, it doesn't matter, I've forgotten about it already".
But a sign that they'd give you every chance to show that you're not always like this.

I've been given this chance a lot lately. By various people who proved to be the awesomest kind of friends I could ever have wished for.
Thank you, guys! I love you more than you can imagine!
Tags: friends, random
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