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Gee, my excuse's gone

I just came back from the most boring lecture I ever had. There was a meeting of our empirical training group. We had to evaluate all the EEG stuff and trying to listen to and understand all this crap was a fairly useful effort.
So I couldn't stop my thoughts from drifting away. I don't really remember how I came to that point but somehow an interesting idea for a fic struck my mind.
You know, I love Lois & Clark (go figure). I love fanfic. I love writing. That should actually end up in a wonderful engagement. But somehow I knew, it won't and I would be too disappointed if things wouldn't work out. So, I told myself I wouldn't start even attempting to write something since I didn't have a good idea. But, well... now I have ;)
It's too bad that this just happened right now because there are upcoming exams and strictly speaking I don't even have time to post this entry ;)
So, let's hope my ideas won't disappear until in about 6 weeks. I guess, I'm just stating this here to make you guys remind me about that when I once again bother you with complaining about being bored ;)
Tags: fic, supes, university
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