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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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How dorky can I get?

I was in this bookstore in Amsterdam yesterday (oh, yeah, we were in Amsterdam yesterday - cool, huh? It's actually still pretty cool when you're European (and thus could get there pretty easily anyway) because the city rocks) and I cried. Um, yeah... *blushes*

I cried when I had to put this back to the shelf because there was no way I could spend the US$ 54 on it... I'm actually glad that I didn't considering how cheap they sell it on amazon. But still... it's dorky and all that. It's just the script (probably not even all of it) and some pictures. But... but... it's Batmaaaaan! 
Speaking of which... we watched American Psycho yesterday. For obvious reasons... I mean, I had watched it a couple of times before but it was just so uch fun not to be the only one hiding behind the pillows ;) 

In (slightly) other news, I'm surprised how well I'm doing with this kinda sorta deprivation of internet (well, if you know me, you know that usually I'm on 24/7). I wouldn't have needed to be on right now either but I was waiting for Sas to get ready so that we can hit the road and then I checked my mails and then there were comments and entries I wanted/needed/should comment on... but it's still good to know that addiction hasn't gotten me completely ;)
After all, I'll likely be without access for the first couple of weeks in Canada, so I better get used to that :P

Hmm... something else I could say? Oh, yeah, postcards...we're writing tons of postcards :)
I need to post a picture tonight, it's uber cool! So, most of those of you whose addresses either of us has, can expect a silly postcard - don't tell me you haven't been dying for that ;)

So, yeah, we're having a great time and I'm sorry for not being able to comment on anything. Because just now, Sas seemed to have finished and so we should be going... somewhere... she told me but... um... yeah ;)
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Handcrafted is cool, but any mail from a friend is a treat. And lol about the slash.

Annual family vacation is going to be the last two weeks in August. I believe we leave home on the 17th. I'll still have 'net access, but may not be on so much. Should be around before that.

Ah, okay :)
Just this "See you in September" got me curious.

Just figured you'd be busy between now and the 17th, and you said you'd be on limited access for the first couple of weeks there...

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