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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Okay... Harry Potter is cool.
And so is Dr Who.

Some of you might already have known that. I didn't ;)


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*whistles innocently*

Told you so!

/me ducks and runs!

Well done, Sas, well done. *g*

Thanks. It was only my duty. ;)

I'll ignore the first part of that statement (Harry Potter? Pfft.) and agree completely. *G*

I'll do the same, but ignoring the latter part rather than the former. ;D

blasphemer! :P :P

had a harry potter marathon today while i was working.

Hehe - yeah, I can do with only one half ;)
After all, since now I've been rolling my eyes over anybody mentioning either of those two... :P

You never read Harry Potter till now? Or do you mean the movies?

(maybe now you can get the icon.)

*has never watched Dr Who*

We saw the first movie yesterday, and she was impressed. :D:D So maybe I can even get her to read the books now.

Nice icon!!

And I think we need to remedy your lack of having seen Doctor Who...

So maybe I can even get her to read the books now.

We'll see about that... ;)


No offence to the movie fans, but as much as I love the HP series, I loathe the movies. I only watched the fourth and fifth one for Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe, once he somehow got hot and became able to act practically overnight.

Besides, nobody who goes by the movies first will be able to understand the beauty that is Ron/ Hermione. Anybody who saw Steve Kloves' version of it first would swear up and down, with good reason, that it was going to be Harry/Hermione. Besides, think of DUMBLEDORE being played by Micheal Gambon. Richard Harris wasn't bad, but Gambon hasn't read a single HP book and wouldn't know how to play Dumbledore if he accidently fell over him.

Jana, please read the books before you watch anymore. I agree with Andrew Lloyd Webber's assessment of them. "I've read the books," he said, "and they are very witty. The film, quite simply, wasn't."


We are talking about someone who was very *very* reluctant to read the books, so let alone watch the movies. I've tried for months to get her to read the books... without succes. So when faced with a choice, she wanted to try the movie. I'd lend her my books, but they are rather heavy and I'd like to keep them close by instead of in Canada. ;) And she didn't really have time to read while she's here.

Besides, the first movie really isn't bad. It's pretty accurate. Besides, *I* love the movies! Sure, I prefer the books by far, but the movies are good enough for my liking.

And this way, I got to share in the fun. ;)

Oh, and she actually tried the books ages ago, and put it down after a page or 20... So it was a safe bet to go for the movies.

The only thing that can be said for the first two movies is that they are accurate, IMO. But as long as you like them, I guess.

Sorry for sounding obnoxious, earlier. I usually always believe in reading the book before watching the movie, whatever it is. That, and I really don't like the movies. Not many people know this.

Oh, and she actually tried the books ages ago, and put it down after a page or 20... So it was a safe bet to go for the movies.

Well, then, there is simply no help for you, Jana. *g*

You are absolutely right. I usually prefer the books to the movie anyway, just so I can paint a picture in my head of how I think everyone looks and all that. It just so happens that the HP movies are pretty much like my little picture. Except for the stories, they can be rather crap compared to the books. But I have this weird thing where I seperate the books and the movie, just so that I get to enjoy both. (Even though you don't wanna hear my comments after first seeing HP5 last year.)

Anyway, I *think* I got Jana as far as admitting to maybe giving the books another chance after Canada, when she'll most likely have forgotten about the movie again. So keep your fingers crossed!

Oh, and I'm totally gonna have to reread HP7 soon. I only read it once so far!

Actually, I only really hated the first three movies. I rather enjoyed the fourth and didn't mind the fifth. It's just Gambon that I can't forgive. And Emma and Rupert.

LOL @ the icon :D

And nope, didn't know either the movies or the books - both on purpose by the way. I just didn't want to ;)
But somehow Sas made me promise to at least give it a try (just as she almost got me into Spiderman...) and I might consider the other movies as well.
Not so sure about the books, though, I don't think I could like them considering that I watched the movie first.

Well, put it this way. Harry Potter isn't the best book in the world by a long shot, but the reason people love it so much is that the characters are the literary equivalent of Playdough, and just as fun.

And please don't watch the movies first. Nobody has yet made a movie to triumph the book, not even Peter Jackson. (Christopher Nolan, maybe. I don't see how the book "The Prestige" can manage to be even awesomer than the film.)

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