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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Icon meme
Taken from htbthomas:)

Comment here and I'll reply to you to tell you which icon(s) of yours I associate with you. Once I reply, please repost this in your own journal.
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Couldn't quite decide... all of them are soooo cool :D

Yeah, I do love my icons! I have several comms on my friends list, and I'm always requesting them from friends who are good at making them... :D

comment, comment! *g*

And... that one you don't have anymore - you know, the one we talked about yesterday ;) That one was pretty cool, too!

Edited at 2008-08-11 10:44 am (UTC)

rotfl! good choices!

and yeah, I really gotta find it back. From whaqt I remember, I cropped it out of a Facebook piece of flair! ;)

Suppose I should let you tell me. ;)

Yes yes, you should :D

Can't even explain all of them - though most are probably pretty self-explanatory anyway :)

Hehehe. Wouldn't have guessed you'd use the bunny and the forever friends one. And the one with Jack as well... you don't even know who he is yet. ;)

Well, let's see...

the first one's because that's how I feel so often. And I can quite picture you in this state... sadly so :(

the bunny's for all the times you pounced when I came online. Usually it's me who has to start talking to people ;)

the group hug's pretty self-explanatory.

the beer as well ;)

Lois is for me having the tendency to get a little drunk from time to time and you being one of the few friends not judging me then.

the bear's for Clarkie (he's in my suitcase!!!)

And, well... Sas is just you :D

(And this icon is for... you know... :D)

Ehm... That is rather sad! I mean, I'm usually fine and all right with my situation. But it's sad you can picture me like that now.

Same here. Most IMs I've been in lately have been with you. There have been others, but they need to start talking.

How can I possibly judge you on drinking/being tipsy when I've been in that state myself all too often. And none the flattering, btw. ;)

And awwww! He is just adorable, isn't he? From up here, I have a lovely view on a certain Tweety...

Ooooh! First think I noticed about this post. 'Is that? Did you really? It is! OMG! *swoons*' :D

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