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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Open letter
snoopy: woodstock "Dear LJ"
So, I'm back from judosas  ...
Gonna post pics later, for now just...

Thanks for...

... living through my music library (especially Lifehouse, State of Shock and :coughs:Westlife:coughs:).
... keeping me from stealing a sheep, a pony and a donkey.
... walking through Amsterdam with me because I wanted to go to the Hard Rock Café... and then didn’t buy anything ;).
... fighting patiently against my ignorance concerning Harry Potter and Doctor Who.
... nurturing my coffee addiction.
... not cheating at The Game of Life although you had every chance to.
... being the best storm driver ever.
... not telling me about the „car accident“ until the last evening (well, I know, it wasn’t even your fault... but still :P).
... watching all these chick flicks.
... bending down a bit for the pics so that people won’t notice the 10 inches difference in height.
... not rolling your eyes over all the stupid prejudices I mentioned like every other minute.
... the comment wars in the middle of the night ;)
... helping me write and sign 24 postcards, some to people you’ll probably never meet.
... pretending that I was actually good at cooking (and/or for being hungry enough to eat it anyway).
... not commenting on the several times I fell asleep, be it in the car or during a movie I made you watch with me.
... letting me drag you into each and every cadeau shop to buy souvenirs. ;)
... getting used to my standard answer to anything: "Hang on, I'll be ready in a sec..."
... gushing over Christian Bale!!!
... letting me sleep on the most comfy couch ever.
... knowing exactly what I'd order after only two days ;)
... introducing me to hagelslag and poffertjes.
... trusting me to stuff your fishy ;)
... keeping up with my random silly comments.
... Clarkie bear!!!

... giving me a routine that I never knew I needed so badly.
And most of all: Thank you for being such an awesomely cool friend to hang out with :)
I miss you!

Let’s start a countdown until next year!

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Next year still sounds sooooooo very far away. :(

And thank *you* ever so much for coming over, putting up with all my weird quirks and hanging out with me. I am so glad we spend that week together, even if it makes me feel miserable now.

And dang, what good memories we have left over this trip. We really had some crazy conversations. *g* I did notice you nodding off, though, from time to time. I think you never noticed when I pointed at a bus yesterday, trying to show you the similarities to the busses used in TDK at the start. ;) And then I found out just who used the bus, and I didn't tell you about the organisation and my experience with them. ;)

*huggles you tightly again*

BTW, I am a big fan of chick flicks. ;)

LOL - you did?

And how embarrassing is it that at the first moment I had no idea what buses in TDK you were talking about and wondered whether I had fallen asleep during that movie, too? ;) (as I partly did during American Psycho as well as Two Weeks Notice...)

But yeah, now I remember the buses in the movie... and nope, I didn't notice. You might save that story for later use, though :)

Because of course there will be a next time. You better save some days of your US trip because I'll show you my beloved Montreal then and we'll have a cool trip to the Niagara Falls!

*huge hugs back*

Ooooh! That sounds like fun! Maybe we could head up to Doran together, before we part ways again, or something like that...

I think I'm gonna ask for my time off in May this week. ;)

Hey, anyone who wants to come visit me is more than welcome, as long as I have the time to spend with them! :D

Around your graduation you should have time, methinks... don't forget I'd still love to be there!

Yep, you're definitely welcome to come--I'm pretty sure 'twill be just my parents and brother--and Roed, of course! *g* The number of tickets varies each year--depending on how many are graduating--but it's liable to be 5 or 6, and I'll have 4 taken up; will have to plan accordingly when we know.

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