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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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"Warum denn so ernst?" ?!?
Just saw the German trailer for TDK on TV...

THIS is what kept us waiting for so long?

I may be biased but these voices are weiiiird. Morgan Freeman's was quite okay (but I may be biased, that's his usual synchronization) and Gordon was kinda bearable as well. But... Bruce... Alfred... Joker?!? *sighs*

And I wish they'd finally use a consistent voice artist for Christian Bale... I don't even know whether it's at least the same as in Batman Begins... :S

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c'est drôle c'est pas tout à fait le même trailer qu'en français, il y a des bouts en plus et beaucoup plus d'explosions... et de Joker!

OTOH, I always saw the US trailers! And most of in theraters trailers were just US with french subtitles.

OK, and I can't stand the french dubbing. I just can't. ;p

Oh and ever heard of this?

omg, la traduction francaise est aussi moche que l'Allemande! URGH! La voic de Joker est absolument horrible!!! Minable!!!

Les autres aussi sont assez moches, sincèrement. Bleeh.

Et pis, franchement, "le Batman"? et chépas mais la manière qu'elle a de dire "Bruce" c'est affreux...!

eh ben voilà! t'as tout résumé ce que je pensais tout bas!

serieux, à chaque fois que je l'entend prononcer Bruuuce, ça me donne envie de l'trangler. Donc, c dit, je vais le voir en anglais. de toutes façons, je supporte pas les films doubléé!

ça me donne presque envie de voir Batman Begins en français (sur mon DVD) juste pour rigoler. LOL! Mais j'avoue, moi non plus, les doublages, je digère pas.

je te conseille plutôt Slipman returns... bien meilleur (même en français) wue les spuerproductions hollywoodiennes! *rotfl*

oh, good god... Joker's voice is AWFUL!!!

Bruce's I kind of liked, though. And Alfred's sounded OK to me, too. But... Joker? He sounds like a lawyer, not a maniac... oi.

Yes, Christian Bale got the same German voice in Batman Begins and in The Dark Night. It's the voice of David Nathan.

I've seen the English version in Hollywood and all the time I hear the German voice to a movie I've already seen in English I'm not really enthusiastic. Although it is the correct translation it sounds strange hearing it in German and I definitely like the Joker's original voice better.

Yeah, I hope that at least they'll get the translation right... spoilt some really great shows, like Friends, for me :(

I mean, I'm not gonna watch it in German anyway, but stiiiiiill... ;)

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