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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Pics from the Netherlands
Yeah, creative title, right?

Anyhow, here you find most of the pics of my awesome trip to and with judosas who proved herself as a really great guide! Else I would certainly not remember all these places, let alone how to pronounce them ;)

Although it took me an entire evening to edit, upload and comment on the pics, I had a nice time reminiscing about the cool days I had.
And I realized that my memory already starts to betray me on some things, so I better make sure to have a look at these pics a lot - or yet, don't wait too long with the next trip ;)

I added some silly remarks to most of the pictures - don't mind me, sometimes I think of myself as really funny ;)

I better not start to think about that there are more pics to post, for example of last Saturday... hopefully I'll manage to squeeze that in between all the stuff that's up this week :P

ETA: Okay, seriously, with two (and therefore probably some more) cards having arrived in (admittedly rather large) cities across the ocean - within, get this, 4 days even -, I'm actually surprised that the German ones haven't found their way yet. Weiiiiird...
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aww! you look like you had so much fun! :D

And I got the postcard! YAY! Thank you!!!

We did!

And you're welcome - you know, we had a blast writing them ;)

Wow, that's a lot of pics! Beautiful ones, too. :) And comments are nice - good to know what I'm looking at. ;) Thanks for sharing! :)

You're welcome - and thanks as well :D

And, um, yeah, some descriptions (like the slight amount of water pics) were quite vital ;)

Awesome pictures! And I am especially excited to see them because my mom and I, and maybe my grandmother, want to go to Holland in the next year or two, not only see the sights but to visit the places our family came from. Pictures like this will help get the planning rolling!

I was on the phone with my mom when I checked my mail today. I think she was a little jealous when I told her I had a postcard from Holland! Thank you for that. :) (Um, the card, not helping to make my mom jealous. Although as an occasional thing it's fun to experience that, too.)

Just wondering what parts your family is from. If it's anywhere near the regions I know, I can help you with some information, perhaps. I did pay attention in geography and history, after all. *g*

Thank you, Sas, that's very kind of you!

I don't have my notes handy, but the places I remember right off are Amsterdam, Hilversum, Haarlem and Ede. I have no clue where any of those places except Amsterdam are located! :)

What would be the best time of year to visit?

I'm just finally experiencing the proudness of my own country and am exploring that now. ;)

Haarlem is a bit north of Amsterdam and all I know about the city is that it offers nice shopping possibilities. ;) Hilversum is a bit east of Amsterdam, and is greatly known for all of our TV/Radio-studios. Ede is located in the centre, close to the national park. And it's actually not too far from where I live. ;)

The best time of year is probably spring. That way, you get to see all the tulip fields. Instead of just flat country side, it'll be a colourful bunch. Keukenhof will be open. The weather is usually pretty good, though early spring can still be cold. A bit of snow in April isn't unheard, but those few drops are pretty much nothing.

I prefer fall myself, because of all lovely colours in the forest. It's such a pretty sight. I don't recommend winter (rather cold and veeeeery dreary) and summer (either really hot or constant rain).

Hehehe - glad you got it :)
And you're welcome (for both then ;))

And weeeeeee! Lisa is finally coming to this part of the globe!!! /bounces

OMG! Finally! the pics!!!!! they're amazing and both of you look gorgeous on it!

Thanks so much for sharing! made my morning! :)

And you went to Hattem? *psst! Did you try that awesome chocolate factory near the city's gate? Or am I confusing with HAttemerbroek...? judosas is gonna kill me if she reads this. /Hides behind schnuffichen*

Nope, you still have your facts straight. ;)

But we went there on a Sunday, when all the shops but the bakery museum's were closed. Then again, I had Belgium bonbons at home. We finished them all! :D

Nope, you still have your facts straight. ;)

Phew! I mean "O'course, I knew that!" *lol!*

OUch! too bad 'cause I still can remember the smell of melting chocolate about to be molded and the guy was just extra sympatic, and the explanations were easy to understand (even for me at the time, which I found extra mood boosting) and... yeah smelled like top quality choco and... *craves chocolate* Here, want a white choco Finger by Cadbury? $/hands Finger box to Sas*

OTOH, Belgium bonbons aren't that bad either!

Thankies :D

Actually, I was kinda glad that we went to Hattem on Sunday... I mean, the town (yes, Sas, feel free to correct me here ;)) looked lovely but it seemed like the one whose shops I could most easily forego.
Wouldn't have wanted that to happen in, say, Amsterdam or Volendam ;)

oh, I don't think you'd have found Amsterdam shops closed on sunday... not all of them. I mean touristic season and all... ;p

ETA: Okay, seriously, with two (and therefore probably some more) cards having arrived in (admittedly rather large) cities across the ocean - within, get this, 4 days even -, I'm actually surprised that the German ones haven't found their way yet. Weiiiiird...

It's 'cause Superman only works with Canadian-North American postal services... and you forgot his major European Nemesis: Summer vacations. Dunno if it's the same in Germany but here every postal thing takes longer to reach you. So: *hums: relax! take it eeeeeeeeasyyy...*

also goes with french post! ;)

thanks so much for sharing these pics! Looks like you both had an awesome time together :) I've never been to the Netherlands but only looking at the pics makes me want to go there!

We did!!!

And yeah, I can highly recommend going there - tulips, windmills, cheese... what's not to love? ;)

The weather! It's bloody summer and what do we get most of the time? Bleeding rain! ;)

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