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"Why" and stuff...

Hey there!

Wow, this is kind of awkward: Sitting here, starting my umpteenth blog/journal/diary but once again determined not to let it die.
And I don't even have time to write a proper first entry.
Well, anyway... to avoid questions as to why I don't do this stuff in my mother language, here are some reasons:

- practical: About half of my friends (or who I consider to be my friends) are English natives. Most of them I got to know by being a FoLC, sharing the same obsession with "Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman". Some others I know from work (more about this at another appropriate place). I'd like to share my daily life with them and that's definitely a nice way to do so.
- selfish: I'm craving to go abroad sometime (once again, more about this sometime soon): I haven't decided yet where to go but it'll definitely by an anglophone country, at the moment I put out feelers to Canada, GB, New Zealand and the USA (no particular but alphabetical order). So I thought, this might help a bit, being forced to speak at least some English.

Gee, when I thought about this, there were some more reasons... but anyway, that's it, for now.
Okay, almost, just one last request at the end:

Yes, I know, my English is faaaar away from being perfect - as I said, that's part of why I'm here.
So, if you find mistakes or un-idiomatic phrases, PLEASE tell me so!
There's nothing worse than memorizing bad or even wrong vocabulary.
Thank you ever so much!

New vocab:
- obsession + with (is it really "with"? I feel so insecure about that one)
- to put out feelers
- to memorize
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