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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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"Québec is revolting and it makes me mad" *
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I drove to Berlin because the people in the Canadian Embassy refuse to pick up the phone or answer mails. Not that this was helpful at all...
I hate that both institutions keep blaming each other for losing my files. Yeah, you heard right, I was indeed issued both halves of my visa but it got lost in the mail... again! I mean, how hard can it be to exchange some simple numbers? *sighs*

So, tonight there'll be another call to Montréal - I'm really getting tired of those :(

Who would've thought that the most satisfying part of this short trip to our capital was a visit to the local Build-A-Bear workshop ;)

* actually, there was another quite fitting line in this song... I just didn't want to mark this entry NC-17 for strong language :P

ETA: I hate my life! Berlin again tomorrow... probably to get told that unfortunately they can't issue my visa because some nutbars weren't able to copy a family name from an application document...
For now I'm just going to hide under a rock because this is so not fair!

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Am sorry to hear it wasn't helpful at all. IMO, it's totally unfair, especially since you did everything possible...

What did they tell you?

the most satisfying part of this short trip to our capital was a visit to the local Build-A-Bear workshop ;)

ben au moins, t'as pas tout perdu! ;)


Don't fall arms, k?

The woman there was actually quite nice and went looking for my file and told me that while all my files are okay (well, except for that they mingled my address somehow...), the "permission" by Quebec (hence the title...) was still not there.
So, same status as three weeks ago when I called in Montreal to ask where the problem was and was told that somehow the mail got lost or something like that...

They don't really know what's wrong...
So, I'm supposed to call in Montreal, ask for my case number and send it to Berlin via e-mail. And with some luck, they should be able to fax my visa tomorrow or by Thursday...

I still don't believe it, though... I've been "this close" for 3 months now...
I stopped believing in miracles and prepared myself for having to leave again 6 weeks... :(

I still don't believe it,

Tsk, tsk, tsk! If you don't then who will, huh?

I don't get the 6 weeks thing but sending good luck your way so you can have your visa by thursday. :)

BTW, could you give me day, time, airport and connecting flight again? 'cause yeah, am stubborn like that! :)

I don't know... lost my faith long ago... and again now after this fucking phone call...

6 weeks because university here starts again in October... Without a Study Permit I'm not allowed to study (obviously), so I have to be back by beginning of October... which is in 7 weeks :(

look at the bright side: even if you can't study... you still can visit before going back home. :)

Oh, and, yep, the bears were cute. And their whole concept is lovely.
It's just not the right thing for someone as anti-social as I am :P

Even merely watching these girls talk to the clients in babytalk was giving me the creeps... ;)

oh yeah, the baby talk gets me into "strangle them?" mode but, otherwise, it's cheer up each time I get there! :)

and just out of curiosity, how do you lj post in really tiny tiny characters? *I feel geeky* :p

Québec and Canada don't talk to one another very well - sad, but true. There are irreconcilable differences... You'd be surprised how awful it can get.

One of my uncles had the hardest time being treated for his cancer in a facility in Ontario (the only place in all of Canada where they treat this form of cancer) because he's from Québec -- and we're talking about a man whose first language is English, here, it's not like he couldn't make himself understood. Nope, they just made problems, because they could. They claimed that he had sent his paperwork in French - it wasn't even true, they just assumed because he has a French name and an address in Québec. Oddly, he knows other people elsewhere who got accepted to the clinic very easily -- they all live in Canada, though.

Mind you... if you want to blame someone, blame Canada. They're usually the ones making problems. If you'd been applying for a visa in Ontario, it would all be OK by now. I'm pretty much convinced that Québec is doing all they can, but the Canadian government has never truly been known to be helpful to people living in this province -- we get screwed over sooooo often.

That's awful!

Playing politics with people's lives... It's disgusting.

(But... "Blame Candada"? That sounds like a song I heard about - and somehow, through luck and diligence, managed to mostly avoid actually hearing.)

Hope your uncle managed to get proper treatment.

And hope things get sorted out for you soon, Jana.

Yup, my uncle managed to get treated, but it took 6 months to be admitted into the clinic, whereas several other people he knows (they have a message board... *lol*) from elsewhere in Canada got admitted within a matter of weeks. Oh, and he had to pay to have half of his paperwork translated to English (some of it wasn't) -- including part of his medical file, which contained a list of his treatments and meds, and which, when you actually look at the files, is neither really English nor French to begin with, it's a list of names of med and some numbers! .....seriously, days like that, I hate Canada.

Nothing good comes from any place with an administration. :P :P When I applied to grad school, they lost half my file. And that was just 600 miles away!

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