schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

"Québec is revolting and it makes me mad" *

I drove to Berlin because the people in the Canadian Embassy refuse to pick up the phone or answer mails. Not that this was helpful at all...
I hate that both institutions keep blaming each other for losing my files. Yeah, you heard right, I was indeed issued both halves of my visa but it got lost in the mail... again! I mean, how hard can it be to exchange some simple numbers? *sighs*

So, tonight there'll be another call to Montréal - I'm really getting tired of those :(

Who would've thought that the most satisfying part of this short trip to our capital was a visit to the local Build-A-Bear workshop ;)

* actually, there was another quite fitting line in this song... I just didn't want to mark this entry NC-17 for strong language :P

ETA: I hate my life! Berlin again tomorrow... probably to get told that unfortunately they can't issue my visa because some nutbars weren't able to copy a family name from an application document...
For now I'm just going to hide under a rock because this is so not fair!
Tags: abroad
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