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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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general: maple
"I am... you know I am...." *sings*

Well... not quite... but I kinda sorta will be hopefully next Sunday (3:something pm EDT) after the FINAL interview with an immigration officer.

Weeee :D

*ETA: Because pgwfolc made me realize it: I'm talking in bowling terms here ;)
I GOT MY preliminary STUDY PERMIT!!!

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YA-!! (Final letter pending.)


This should just be a formality - you know:
"Hey you, I don't wanna blow up your country. I'll be a good girl." ;)

It should, and I hope it is.

Congrats on getting this far.

But... Not blowing up the country, I believe. Good girl, I'm not quite so sure... ;)

I barely know schuffichen and I know I don't believe that good girl bit :P

LOL! Seems you know me quite well already then ;)

I know you through Lara, Your evvvoool by association. :P

Lara... evil?

But... but... she's bunnyrific! You can't be evil and love bunnies. Not even Elmer Fudd ever managed that!

LOL, she's still evil! I mean it in the nicest possible way :)

but she is :P

If so, I completely missed the signs.

*sigh* You stop reading fic for a few years, and suddenly you miss everything.

hehehe, don't mind me. I seem to think most people like are evil.

*thinks for a min, whilst putting finger against mouth to look thoughtful*

See, now I've decided your evil to :D

No, no. I'm not evil. I'm awesome.

(And also very humble. Admirably so, if I must say so myself.)

Maybe the problem is that you're evil. Or... no! Your glasses are evil. You don't have black rose colored lenses, do you?

*checks glasses*

Nope, normal clear glass/plastic stuff here... So it must be me!

/boooming voice



*manic grin*

ermmm, so maybe less caffeine tomorrow? yeah, thats a good idea.

Aww, you think I'm cute?

No, wait. That's not the French spelling.

And I'm only one adult Jewish male, not 13, so it can't be that.

So... HEY!! I'm no one's evil lackey! As I thought we'd established, I'm too awesome to be evil. Or a lackey. Just because I created a whole company of them*, that doesn't mean I actually am one. Sheesh.

Minion. She called me a minion. Talk about a steak to the heart.

In any case, you have reminded me of an important fact... I am in need of something...


*For an internet ceremony ad.

Cute ? eh... Something is going over my head. This happens alot :)

Ok, ok. No minion status for you. The only other position currently available in my personal world view is barman. This is much more superior to a simple minion.

*Puts 2 and 2 together and makes 4*

aahhhhhh! your you. I've read your stuff. V good :)

Time for bed, I don't think i'm making sence any more.

Mignon is French for cute. (Which is where the steak name comes from. It's a cute little cut...)

And... barman. I can do that. I don't drink, but that's probably for the best if you're going to tend bar. Which I used to virtually do when things got boring in various chat rooms.

And yes! Quite right! I am, last I checked, me! Well done!

Making sense is overrated, but... good night!

said it already but YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

J'veux dire: FELICITATIONS!!!

Beware of Quebec's french accent (don't ever tell them they speak funny french!) and typical words, when interviewing with that officer. :)

Edited at 2008-08-13 02:17 pm (UTC)

Thankies :D

And... um... how would I notice Quebec's accent? I don't even speak hexagonal French :P

oh... then this is gonna be fun! ;)

BTW thanks loads for the Amsterdam card! Yup. got it in the mail 2 minutes ago. But I'll post a thankie thread just 'cause I can't resist ... you'll see! :)

Well canadian french is when Celine Dion speaks. Hexagonal french is when the guy interviewing her speaks... both french. Same language but different. Like...er... Irish and UK english or US english... see what I mean?

My congratulations again. :) I'm so happy for you!

So you going out (again) tonight, but now to celebrate?

I'm actually going out myself (yeah, I know...) to see the local cycling game in the city. It's always so much fun. Now if only the weather stays in my favour.

I'll see you later tonight then.

Heee - thankies :D

And, yeah :)
Although this "going out" had been planned for some time already - while yesterday was just born out of frustration and... well, you know... Saturday's booze ;)

Thanks again for your sweet mail - this way I had a smile on my face when I finally dozed off.

Hope you'll have a great evening with good weather and a fun game!

Won't be around tomorrow evening either :(
My mum's coming because we're leaving for my parents' place Friday morning, so I'm invited for dinner at my uncle's.

So, if we don't see each other tonight, then certainly Friday night :)

Btw, Conny loved the cow mug - she loves you now, too ;)

Man, are we ever going to see each other again? I miss you! Even though I wish you fun with your friends while you still can. Let's just say it's good practise for when you actually reach Canada... *le sigh*

I had better cancel my plans for Friday night then. ;)

And go Conny! She's so cool now. ;) (I need a cow icon *g*)

Awwww, yeah, I miss you, tooooooo :(

And, yup, that whole chatting thing already crossed my mind... that's going to be weird :S
Then again, I do have internet access at McGill (probably lotsa hotspots, too. So, I can be online in the afternoon from time to time :)
And someday I might even find an apartment (or, well, someone brave enough to live with me ;)), so there'll be weekends as well!

Evening wasn't all that nice, though. We had really awesome food (e.g. ramson pasta with mango-coco sauce and shrimps) but I fought with stomach ache and had a hard time not spoiling the other two's fun :(
'Twas still good to see them... and a way more sophisticated farewell than yesterday ;) (I counted... three girls, half a bottle of vodka, one bottle of strawberry limes, two beers and half a bottle of Baileys... any questions left? ;))

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