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Bidding farewell...

I was supposed to write a huge entry because there are a lot of things to talk about and even some pictures to show...

But seeing as I have to get up again in less than 4 hours I'm just saying goodbye to Germany now.

Here's the data in case anyone (don't even try to hide it, cyad... ;)) would like to keep track:

Hamburg 10:15 am (CET)
Paris 11:50 am (CET)
Paris 1:15 pm (CET)
Montreal: 2:40 pm (EST)

I'm flying with Air France, so I'm allowed 2 * 23 kg per person... whoever's going to room with me will be getting the shock of their life when they see my luggage ;)

Keep your fingers crossed that there won't be any problems with the immigration officer, that I'll have internet soon and that I can find a room/apartment as soon as possible. Oh, and that I didn't forget anything (well, I already noticed stuff I forgot but that's nothing too serious... well, except for my TDK mug...)

Thanks for everybody making this possible! :)
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