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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Exam Results...
general: no idea
Diagnostics = 100%!!!

I'm so on the verge of freaking out here, you have noooo idea!

Diagnostics rocks, I love the topic, I love the professor, I pretty much love everything :)
And if it wasn't this late and I wasn't this tired, I'd so go to have a drink now ;)

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So all that studying did pay off. You rock!

It diiiiid! :D

And thankies :)
Celebrated with... um... bacon & eggs for breakfast - I'm so disgusting, I know ;)

Oh no, that's not disgusting! It's quite delicious when the stomach is up for it. ;) Along with toast, tea, ham and sausages.... HMMMM!

Now's not the time to get a craving for *that*. *g*

(Deleted comment)
Thankssss :D

And yup, lotsa time and even more work... only 3 more years to go... ;)

Congratulations! *hugs*

*clinks wine glass*

Thanks :D

And, yep, wine would be good. Not now as it's only 8 am but later tonight for sure ;)

*hugs back*

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