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Bah - I'd rather play hookie

It's getting late. Really late. And I don't intend to go to bed.

Somehow I managed to start working on a presentation about two months ago and still haven't finished it.
With all those stupid excuses "I gotta work on that presentation" my friends surely expect something great. But it's not.
I only have about 30 slides so far (and half of them are the results of a whole day's (actually, TOday's) work) and my material is a mess.
Since I've been working on that thing at different PCs, I have about 10 files with what I'm planning to say and there's no way to put them together.
And then there are parts where I simply put some key words on the slides and now, 2 months after doing so, I don't understand them anymore. Well, at least, that's a sign for me to use something else.

I guess the worst is what others would consider a great fact: I have too many sources. And of course, each one is contradicting the previous one. Do you know, there are 3 major theories of forgetting (Anderson)? Okay, let's make that 5 (wikipedia). Looking at my newest book (Becker-Carus), one knows of 4 - or rather 8, depending on your point of view. It's driving me nuts.

And I have this meeting with my lecturer tomorrow morning and apart from a rough concept and the unimportant stuff (such as references and stuff that was interesting but doesn't belong to the topic), there's nothing completely done.

What strikes me a bit is the fact that I'm drugged with antibiotics and I haven't had a coffee yet - and I'm not really feeling tired.
But, well, that's just as good - only about 7,5 hours until I gotta go to university.

You know, what's the silliest of this mess: That I don't get a mark for this presentation. It's just a statement that I attended this seminar. And knowing the lecturer, the only way not to get this piece of paper, would be not to show up at all.
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