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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Where's my coin?
batman: joker_scars
I just remembered that a couple of months ago, when I was still a little inexperienced Batty, I did this quiz of "Which Batman villain are you?"
I scored Two-Face those days, not knowing who that was and what he was all about.
I shared the result with a friend who just commented something like "Oh, yeah, that's totally you!"

I thought about this after my first round of TDK and I still do now...
Just - have you seen my coin? I could really use it...

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Ya know, the first thing that comes to my mind to answer is


in a very gravely voice.

But that would be the wrong movie, the wrong villain and... yeah. It's still Batman, though. *giggles*

Oh and... I did a Batman quiz last night, only to find that - as usual - I am... Robin. *sighs*

Oh oooooh... seriously, if Batman was hanging upside down next to me this close (the way he did in that movie - heeee!), I'd forget about a stupid coin in an instant and just... um... well, yeah, anyway... :P

Thanks for that one, though, gave me a good giggle when I needed it ;)

And, awwwww! - you'll always be Batgirl :)

OK, where do you guys find those Batty quizzes, seriously? *me's curious and in a meme mode*

Two-Face? Did they flip a coin before they deliver the result? *sorry, couldn't resist*

Hehehe - you can google them, you know ;)

Facebook should have some as well.

And, well, those days I had no idea who he was - so I was probably more upset than I am right now, seeing as that there are indeed some similarities... :P

found a "Which Batman character are you" and, honestly? They gotta be kidding me. I'd say this quiz sucks. Especially since I specified female Batman characther... I don't know how I must interprete this. Batman is truly female underneath the spandex? HArd to believe. :p

Your Result : You are Batman. The Dark Knight. Your dark past is always in your thoughts--for though you aim to do the right thing, you never know if your thirst for vengeance is overpowering your quest for righteousness. Though you are honorable, smart, and handsome you also have a hard time with women. You tend to go for the bad girl, another symptom of your dark side.
Batman Quiz
Batman Quiz by QuizRocket.com fun quizzes!
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Edited at 2008-08-28 07:23 am (UTC)

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