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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Shot of a gun...
sad: one of these things
Not much a fan of pimping music here. It usually takes a really great song for me to make a special post for it...

I heard this one the first time with judosas and I can't forget about it ever since....
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From the same band, another song that totally touched me when it came out some years ago:

The story behind it is kinda important, just so the clip makes sense. And the song, too, actually.

The singer was married to an actress and they had a baby (might've been a toddler, but that's all the same), when she died of cancer on a very early age. They were like a dream couple in 'Dutch Hollywood'. So the images you see are of her, remembering her (and them) in happier times.

But it's a beautiful song, and I love the emotions in his voice.

Awww, you're using my icon! *squee* I'm glad you like it enough for that. :)

Oh, I really really like it. Just, normally I'd use it for sad stuff. And I hardly ever write about sad stuff, so...

I use it a lot for comments, though ;)
You're really brilliant with those! :)

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