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Post-move exhaustion...

Or whatever you wanna call that...

I have nooo idea what's wrong. I'm just not doing good. Well, I am, in a way. School is great, I get along with my roommates, Montréal is nice and all that.

I'm just constantly tired. And I don't really know what I want. Like, on a usual day I complain about not knowing what to do. I don't have many classes and preparing for them (if I did...) doesn't take up too much time. Yet, I don't feel like going out either. I'm invited to a couple of parties and there are other events (like several games of the Redmen against Concordia University :P) and going there just seems dreadful... (and, yes, I'm extremely exaggerating).

And there's this girl who keeps telling me that we should be best friends and it's just... weird. If you know me, you know that I'm a bit... grumpy, to say the least. And I'm just not used to people being desperately friends with me. Especially someone who doesn't even really know me.
I miss my friends.

I just want my bed for now. And one of my several stuffed animals... (yes, I have a real zoo... a bee, a moose, a bear and a cancer - exotic mix)
And I seriously need to make plans for the weekend - besides all the reading and my research proposal (which is the one thing that gets me really excited right now). Oh, go me, I actually said some clever things today in class... like that the taste of the amniotic fluids depend on what the mother has eaten - fascinating, huh?

Sorry for the chaos... I just wrote down what came to my mind before I drop down dead here in the library.
Tags: abroad, friends, university
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