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Writer's Block: Pleasure Your Mate Month

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. Tell us: how do you like to pleasure your mate?

Just because the question amused me greatly ;)
Let's see, I was taught BE in school, so "mate" is a fairly widespread and general expression.

Like theblackshadow (where I found this, btw), feeding is great... being fed as well ;)
What I really love to do is giving massages, though. It's a good way to waste your time during boring lectures. And I'm a sucker (um, uh...) for a nice neck, so the pleasure was on both sides.
Does this sound wrong now? No? Goooood - 'twas meant totally PG13 :)

(Yes, yes, I just woke up... I might regret my sudden openness later :P)

Tags: writer's block
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