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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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And I was also wondering...
general: apples
I went to the apple store today (Go me! I was able to find all on my own... you know, without getting lost or needing a map) and bought a case for my beloved MacBook. As I was paying with credit card, the guy told me that I would get my receipt by e-mail. And, so I did.

Just: From where do they have my e-mail address to begin with? Do you give that when you "apply" for the card? (And if so, why don't I remember? LOL!) And is this common?
Sorry, it's probably a stupid question and I'm a little credit card-challenged anyway because I never really used it outside the cyberspace...

Oh, and talking about receipts: I caused a little PC crash in the McGill bookstore today... I was buying text books for one of my classes (yeah, right $115 for one book...) and when I looked at my bill, there were suddenly 2 items on it: One was said book, the other was something called "See the manager immed###", worth $ 9.95. Um, well, so I did (seeing the manager...) and as it turns out, this is some sort of mystery Ghost in the machine error (very academic, the manager started teaching me philosphy on the way to the cashpoint) that happens when a certain isbn number and a certain paying method come together... weiiiird!

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No, it's not linked to any credit card that I know of, and I wouldn't want my credit card company giving out that sort of information anyway.

But did you register with Apple? I mean, buying a mac comes with a Mac.com email address, right? And maybe you gave them some other email address? In any case, the receipt should come from Apple, not the credit card company. (Check the sender's addy?)

Hmm... you mean, by getting my name via the credit card they linked it to an entry in their database?
Could be...

But what would they do if you hadn't bought a Mac before? What if you're just a "normal customer" buying a laptop case?
Printing a receipt in that case?

I mean, he showed me something on that tiny screen but I didn't quite understand, just saw my name and nodded - so, I could have asked then... but, um, well... I didn't ;)

And, in general I don't mind anyone having any information at all, be it e-mail address, shoe size or blood type... just wondering about the information technology highway ;)

BTW: Icon's just for you ;)

Right. You're in Apple's database now. And that bit on the screen was probably him confirming that the right profile had come up.

And I guess if you weren't, they'd either print a receipt or ask for your address. I expect they can print them. Maybe they're just trying to save paper.

And... neat icon. Thanks. :) (Who's the guy?)

Check your next credit card statement very carefully ;-)

Greetings from Germany

Wow, that's the first time I've ever heard of getting a receipt by e-mail.

And LOL @ causing a crash. That's awesome . . .

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