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When I left Germany, I was pretty afraid because I had to leave behind a paper... 19 pages of research ("Emotional affectivity concerning sadness and anger in younger and older adults"), summarizing two semester's worth of work, written within one weekend after my vacation in the Netherlands. The terrifying thing was that if this hadn't been written well, I would have had to meet my professor again... who doesn't know that I'm not quite as easily accessible as she might think.

So, I got an answer today and I feared somehow now I have to explain to her that I can't do the correction and that I have to take the course again next year.

But... buuut.... 100% :D

OMG, this is the first longer paper that got accepted from the beginning. And it's developmental psychology which is my moooost favorite subject in the entire world.
Geez, I need a drink... oh, um... dang, I have school in half an hour. Um, uh... we will see. ;)
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