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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Music, anyone?
general: music_ralphwiggum
Lately, I’ve been getting more and more sick of the music on my iPod. I need new stuff. And while wiki offers this really neat „Associated with...“ box for many bands, I thought it might be easier to ask my friends who often prooved to have an outstanding taste. So, here’s what I usually listen to:

30 seconds to Mars
Amanda Marshall
Brian Melo
Faber Drive
Good Charlotte
Kelly Clarkson
Rascal Flatts
Simple Plan
Smashing Pumpkins
Weird Al

You like any of these? Or, hopefully, several? Then... what else do you listen to?


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Lastfm is a great tool to use while you listen to music on your desktop. They give you links to other bands while music is playing and you can check our samples of their music right there.

Here are some rec's from me. These are albums not just songs I'm suggesting:
All American Rejects - Self Titled
Killers - Sam's Town
Cake - Prolonging The Magic
Dashboard Confessional
Fiona Apple (all her stuff is great)
Hawthorn Heights
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed America and Chase This Light
Vertical Horizon
Boys Like Girls

I'll stop now. XD

Oooh! I like your picks. /takes notes for her own library. :D

Ooooh - thankies! How embarrassing is it that of all of these, I knew only All American Rejects?
I'm sooo US music - challenged ;)

I suggest the following groups:
The Plain White T's
The Uninvited

That should get you off to a good start...if you want more...feel free to ask...I live off of music

LOL! I love your icon :D Who's that guys?

And... thanks of course! I might take you up on that sometime ;)

That is Robert Downey Jr. from Tropic Thunder...that movie had moments of greatness...and moments of stupidity...blatent stupidity... (ah! the '...'s are attacking again!)

Yeah, I listen to several of those. I'll rec:

Green Day
New Found Glory
Go Set Go

Thankssss! Yes - Green Day... I heard of them but I never quite made the connection that I could like them ;)

Bryan Adams
The Mamma Mia! soundtrack
Leona Lewis
Michael Bublé
Natascha Beddingfield
The Kaiser Chiefs

Just a few suggestions while scrolling though my songs. :)

Heeee - you know me too well ;)

Question about Bryan Adams, though... I keep trying to... um... "get" a specific song by him: "Heaven"
Do you happen to have that? I loooooooooove it :D

Let's see if I can keep this under 100 bands...
Being friends with Lara, I'm sure you've heard quite a few of them, but I'll put 'em up just in case.

American Hi-Fi
Barenaked Ladies
Death Cab for Cutie
The Films
The Fray
Goo Goo Dolls
Howie Day
Imogen Heap
Jason Mraz
John Mayer
Maroon 5
Matchbox 20
Matt Nathanson
Michelle Branch
Panic! At the Disco (their first CD)
Rob Thomas
Secondhand Serenade
Snow Patrol
Spill Canvas
Third Eye Blind
Thriving Ivory

Edited at 2008-09-18 08:17 am (UTC)

@ Jana -- Jessi usually has the best darned suggestions for music, so you should listen to her!! :D

Ooh oooooh! You do really have a great taste as I see a couple on that list that I forgot to mention on mine (such as Daughty or Matchbox 20)...

Thanks so much! I'll be stocked with music forever :D

Oh yeah, and if you want a song or two from any of these bands, I can hook you up. :-)

Ooooh, good - I might just take you up on that sometime :D

(Deleted comment)
That does sound intriguing... now, if only they could send me directly to, say, mininova or bittorrent ;)

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hermmmm, what do i like? (warning... I have odd and eclectic taste)

Muse - Most their stuff,
Stereophonics - Their older albums
Kings of Leon
Ting Tings
KT Tunstall
Foo Fighters

of the top of my head

Hehehe - eclectic is gooood!

And thanks for the recs, never heard of most of them ;)

/notes down

I'll give you some more when i get home and can look at my play list :)


I don't know 'heavy' you get music wise, but some metal choices are:

Rage Against the Machine
System of a Down
Nine Inch Nails


Alisha's Attic - Alisha rules the world(album)
Goldfrap - Oh la laa (there is a mirror ball horse in the vid of this!!!)

...... I'm going to stop this, if you want PM me your email and I'll send you a selection :P

Hehe, I don't have any limits (in general and as to what is "too heavy" ;))

Thanks!!! - yeah, Linkin Park are really cool, so I suppose the rest of them are, too :D

And... uh... since I'm on it right here:

jana [AT] reifegerste [DOT] net

Thank you soooo much in advance!

no probs, i'm going through my music over the next few days anyway. I determined to be organized with my new laptop. At the moment all my music is in one folder. I can never find anything :P

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