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My morning routine...

Stolen from theblackshadow  because I wanna spread the word as I'm interested in what you guys do...

My morning "routine" depends on the day we have. What most people would consider a "usual" morning is Tuesday and Thursday as I have classes at 8:30.

That means, my cell phone is ringing somewhere beneath or next to me at 6:15 and sometime within the next half hour I'll actually decide to get up. Then I boot my laptop, hoping that the crappy connection in my room is stable enough for me to have internet (interestingly, lately it's even stable enough for chatting, w00t!)
If so, I grab breakfast (cornflakes or toast) and go back to bed and have breakfast while going through the "usual" websites which are LJ, Facebook and some boards. If I got LJ comments, I usually answer to them right away :)
Those are the days I need to read some papers for my classes, too... I could have done it the previous evening... but who really does that? :P

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my first class is at 1:30, so I usually get up at around 10, go showering (those other days, I have to do it in the night) and washing my hair. Then there's a loooong breakfast and I chat a bit with the poor people who have to be at work already... I really enjoy these mornings as I'm in a good mood and really embrace the day :)

In any case I leave the house about 45 mintes before classes start. I need 30 minutes from my door to the buildings but I like sitting in front where the power sockets are.... as does everybody with a laptop ;)

And, no, you don't have to be jealous about me being able to sleep this long ;) Unless I have other plans like a movie or going out for dinner, I usually don't go home before 10 either, so this is my own personal reward :D
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