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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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What does Batman think about Sponge Bob?
batman: speechless...
Picture me... sitting in the library, crouched over my laptop, rambling through articles in order to do my assignment which is due tomorrow morning... and stumbling across this (and falling off the bench, laughing...):

What does Batman think about Sponge Bob? Children’s understanding of the fantasy/fantasy distinction

Young children reliably distinguish reality from fantasy; they know that their friends are real and that Batman is not. But it is an open question whether they appreciate, as adults do, that there are multiple fantasy worlds. We test this by asking children and adults about fictional characters’ beliefs about other characters who exist either within the same world (e.g., Batman and Robin) or in different worlds (e.g., Batman and SpongeBob). Study 1 found that although both adults and young children distinguish between within-world and across-world types of character relationships, the children make an unexpected mistake: they often claim that Batman thinks that Robin is make believe. Study 2 used a less explicit task, exploring intuitions about the actions of characters—whom they could see, touch, and talk to—and found that children show a mature appreciation of the ontology of fictional worlds.

For the really curios ones, the original article is here. Although I'm not sure whether you can access that without a McGill VPN access.

OMG! What awesome research do these guys do? And: Where can I fill out an application?!?

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Lol! It cracks me up that they think Batman thinks Robin is imaginary ;) I wonder how they come to that conclusion?

You really want a (semi-)scientific answer to that? Hehe, now we're talking...

Kids up to a certain age (3 or 4 years, depending on how you test it) are known as being "egocentric", in a way that they assume that the way they see the world is the true and objective one... and therefore the way others will see the world as well.
So, if they take into account that Robin is imaginary, they apply this knowledge to Batman as well and think that Batman must know/think so as well ;)

Mind you, I haven't read the article yet but this is how I'd interpret this finding.

So, and if you didn't want to know all this stuff... doesn't matter ;)

What the heck do they mean, "they know that their friends are real and that Batman is not."

I object!!

BATMAN IS REAL. He's very real. I've seen him. EIGHT TIMES!


OK, I'm going to bed now.... ;)

Me too! Me too! Well... not eight times... but I've seen him only yesterday, on my very own lap - mmmm :)

(Um, can you tell I should have gone to bed earlier, too? ;))

What does Batman think about Sponge Bob?

Probably the same as Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives: "it's a sponge and it talks!!" *g*

EDITED: personally, I was tempted to reply "na na na na... Spongebob!"

Edited at 2008-09-23 08:42 am (UTC)

What does Batman think about Spongebob?

Why it's his fav Saturday morning cartoon. He has every episode on his Bat-pod and likes to watch it before going on patrol.

The only 3 people who know this are;

Lian - it's a Grandfather/daughter thing
Alfred - Because he knows everything
Clark - cos he saw when he was 'accidental' spying on Bruce changing for patrol once.

and know I'm going to wonder in to the conner and hide.


Clark - cos he saw when he was 'accidental' spying on Bruce changing for patrol once.

Me smells fic here :D

Lol, this is awesome; thanks for sharing! :)

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