schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

Music :)

It rarely ever happens that I enjoy a cover of a song to begin with.
And so far I don't remember ever having liked the cover version of a song a lot better than the original one.
Until now...

Some Germans on my flist (or maybe even some Europeans) might know Scala & Kolacny Brothers. It's a Belgian girl's choir who covered a lot of famous contemporary songs.
So, all day, I've been listening to With or Without You. It's awesome! I like it soooo much better than U2's original (which is quite an accomplishment considering that I really like U2 :)). It's sooooo incredibly awesome *melts*

"Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you"

Soooo good - so much longing and passion and desire :)
Anyone into half-classic music should definitely check these girls out (LOL - and this sounds so wrong... :P).

Tags: found, music
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