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Happy dork :D

Heeee! I have friends in Alaska. And I have friends who have friends in Alaska. And now my stuffed animals have a new friend from Alaska. And...

What? Yeah, okay, I stop now ;)

But: Isn't he totally adorable?!?

So, yup, that's Robin, a polar bear from (you might have guessed...) Alaska, together with his new best friend... in a super dorky bucket (I know..). I put Rupert in it to take a picture of it this morning... and you know, it's Robin, so he told me he wanted to be close to Batman, too - so, really, what else could I do but squish him in there as well? I can assure you, he usually has a nice place next to me in my bed :)

Caro also brought me this:


A Clark bar (*giggles*) aaaaaand: moose-y Christmas decoration (you probably can't see it but even says Alaska on the bottom!)! I'm a huuuge Christmas fan and, I'm not kidding you, last Saturday, I went shopping for a card and got all excited about the Christmas stuff and was looking forward to buy stuff because I didn't have anything here at all. Until now, HA! :D

So, yay for cuuuuuuute souvenirs - I'm still grinning all over. :)

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