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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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And why...
CB:  love nerds
... did it take me soooo long to find that MS Word has an audio recording tool? LOL - I was on the verge of buying a voice recorder after my cell phone (which I left at the front desk to record the lecture) vibrated in class ;)
And there's even something to quickly draw graphics? Omg, this is gonna make studying soooo much easier!

I had noooo idea... maybe I should really get myself Office for Dummies - please, tell me that this is a new-ish feature and that I didn't go through 10 years of using Word without knowing that ;)

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Um... I've been using it for 4-5 years... ;)

So not the answer I wanted to hear :P

But... thanks - I'll try to comfort myself with the knowledge that I never needed it so far ;)
If there hadn't been a girl sitting next to me with her Mac, playing with this fancy audio bar (I think I stared at it for about five minutes, totally mesmerized), it would probably have taken me another 10 years to realize it...

there is? since when?
This is all lies :P


I think this is simply a huge conspiracy going on and it didn't exist in our versions of the program until we find it...

And... no idea since when. I can only speak for the version I'm using right now and that's MS Word 2004 for Mac... so... no idea ;) And as long as you don't use that one or a newer version of it, you can pretend it doesn't exist :P

Didn't know Word had that, but most computers have at least one little application that come with the system which will let you record sound...

Had you really been using your phone to record lectures all this time? You phone must have a large amount of space on it's storage to be able to save that big an audio file. No?

I did it for the one where there are no recordings provided by the university... the teacher was luckily pretty cool with it as long as we don't distribute them online or so ;)

And, yup, the space is huuuuge. I think the memory stick that came with it has 2 GB - not sure which one is in it right now... and since I regularly downloaded the stuff, it was never a big issue.

*see my jaw drop to the floor*

Why did no one talk about this before? That's just mean!!!!

Seeeee? That's what I was thinking... I had nooo idea.

(Then again... I learnt how to use Word a decade ago and have never since bothered to see whether there are nifty new features ;))

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