schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

Let's talk science for a moment

Since I started studying Psychology (which was, omg, 3.5 years ago... and with the things going on in my mind, it will be for another 6 years or so...), I've been making a point in telling people that this is not some underwater basket-weaving subject, that we're doing proper scientific research here...

I do get a bit doubtful about the actual value of my work, though, when it involves questions like:

"Please use the following scale to report how much you like each letter of the alphabet by placing your rating of each letter in the box containing that letter.  Simply trust your intuition, work quickly, and report your gut impressions."

So, I can draw conclusions about a person's personality by knowing how much they like, say, the letter K? Uh huh...
Tags: university, work
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