schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,


I got an e-mail from youtube, telling me that they needed to take down one of my videos because of copyright claims.
Reading that mail, I was all "Well, okay... too bad - I love my videos but it's not like I'm particularly attached to any of them except for... well, that one."
So, I went through that mail and then I saw it and I wanted to cry. Crap... of course it was that one. *sighs*
And I don't know where the original file is. Probably on a DVD at home but I'm not sure. And even if so... this sucks on so many levels.
Seriously, I would give up all my videos to keep my precious baby... *sniffles*

Those of you who had a link to it, don't be surprised. And I'll try to find another way to post it and let you know then.

Tags: vidding
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