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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Looking for technical help...
CB:  love nerds
There are some cyber techies on my f-list, right? So, maybe someone can help me with this:

For my work (we're doing surveys), I'm looking for a tool with which you can make people draw something and save it on my webspace.
The thing is that we need to make people draw circles to explain different parts of their identity and it's important for us to see the diameter and the distance and so on... so people need to be really free to draw but it doesn't need any fancy features like colors etc.

Does any of you guys know a tool or a code (html, php, I can work with about anything) to implement such a thing?

Thanks! :D

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try queeky. You can draw and share it worldwide via the web. Hope it'll help. It uses Flash.

and 'cause I'm still LOLing at it, here's the Mama Shelter, eco parisian hotel designed by Philippe Starck. they got Superman shaped and Batman shaped lamps in the rooms, I kid you not!

Edited at 2008-11-22 11:13 pm (UTC)

LOL! Gotta love the lamps :D

The thing with that thingy is that it only allows you to save the outcome on your own hard drive. What I'm looking for is something that I can put on my OWN website (not some other place to go to) and have people save their drawings on my OWN webspace.
Seems to be pretty difficult, sadly :(

aww, sorry. I'll stay on the look out...in the meantime, I hope your flist got luckier than I was at looking for a solution. ;p

knew you'd want those!

happy sunday! :)

You should look for oekaki software. It has all the colors and such. A lot of websites use them and it has everything you would need. It is fancy but I'm sure you can find free ones out there. They will even record how they drew it if you need that. :)

http://www.oekakicentral.com/fp/fp1/index2.php <-- example of an oekaki board. You can draw complex stuff to simple circles.

paintBBS is the name of one of the softwares you might wanna check out.

Ooooooooh! That does indeed pretty much look like what I'm looking for - yay!

Thank you so much - I'll dig into that stuff and will probably come back with more thanks sooner or later :D

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