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Stay, thou art so beautiful

aka: Aftermath of judgment day ;)

If every person gets a certain portion of luck and happiness, I definitely overstrained my share during the last days.
And I know, things will be harder sometime, but right now, I try to savor what I have.
But enough with this philosophical rambling:


I am so happy, I can't put it into words. This afternoon I went to work with Conny, so that we would have a calm place to prepare our EEG papers. That was when I got that call from Jana, our lab-coordinator and my former co-experimenter.
It was just as good that I've been at the institute anyway so that she could see my face aglow with happiness when she said the magic words:

"The Max puppet is coming back to you..."
(I wonder how long she rehearsed for that dramatic and meaningful sentence)

She told me that Emily insisted on wanting *me* :)
We're gonna meet up on Friday and practice the new procedure. And with some luck, next Monday we'll be piloting again in the kindergarten.
They know about my exams and it's no problem (well, not for them anyway... I just have to organize my studying around that).

I don't know why I deserve being so lucky at times. I'm not a good person. I have friends who are desperately trying to find a job or at least an internship. And I wail about not getting exactly the work I want. Plus I get it in the long run.

Life's not fair - but right now, I'm too happy to seriously care.
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