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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Icons! - Because I... uh... wanted to?
batman: Good evening Batman
Yeah, that's probably more appropriate than saying "Because I can."

I spent all Sunday reading comics, something I can highly recommend to anyone - heee!
For some reason, I had a few (that's actually a fairly conservative estimation) Nightwing comics that I've never read - so most of these are Dick and/or Babs...


I'm usually not someone making icons but these two make me melt all over inside...
/sighs happily
They soooo are my favorite het couple ever!

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These are so great! Dick/Babs is one of MY favourite het pairings too! The Oracle rocks!

Heee - thankies :D
Glad you liked them!

And yesss - I love these two :)
/nods emphatically

those are really nice :P
where are they from?

Thankies! :)

I have a bunch of comics on my HD, Nightwing, Batgirl and some others. So, these come from like... 10 different issues ;)
(I told you I'm obsessed with a fan of Batman, right?)

Not that I assume you'd be really interested, but... if you are... I could find a way to get some of them to you....... ;)

I just have never seen that comic or whatever before. I'm not that kind of nerd. :P

omg awesome! i might steal the eighth one and credit you :)

LOL! I figured you'd get a kick out of them ;)

And... yay :D Thank you soooo much!

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