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Stupid Perm account question
This entry is was custom f-locked (surprising, eh?) - so, please, don't read and tell ;)

Since LJ isn't answering me, I thought I should ask my f-list.
Let's say, you wanna buy a gift for someone on LJ - I guess, in this case it might matter that it is a perm account because that problem wouldn't arise for a paid account.
So, yeah, you buy said account - they're sold a couple of weeks before Christmas but in your mind it's supposed to be a Christmas gift ('cause, well, I'm a bit nutso when it comes to Christmas, in case you hadn't noticed ;)).
So, you can tell LJ when to "deliver" it - neat option, so I can say "Hey, please send the notification e-mail on the 25th"
But what happens if, in the meantime, that person wants to upgrade their account on their own? Would LJ tell them that someone already paid for it? How would that work?!?

You see - I'm clueless. And there aren't too many perm friends on my f-list. But maybe you either have a good connection to LJ or you know people who know people who know that ;)

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I think it would tell you if the account has already been upgraded... or it would also let the person know when they were purchasing, that it was already done. It would ruin the Christmassy surprise, but... that way there wouldn't be any duplication.

Also, I'm sure the LJ people would fix it later if something did happen.


Yeah, I figured something like that... it's probably the best way but... geez... they could do something cute and not-that-obvious like "Unfortunately this service is not available for you at the moment."

Or - and this is what I totally don't get - make the Sale during Christmas and not 3 weeks before :P

Thanks, though! And... you can expect a more or less related mail from me tomorrow ;)

You can choose when to deliver. I just had to do some for a community and it let me choose a date.

Yes.... but: What if that person decides to upgrade themselves in the meantime? I mean, in the time between the purchase by you and the delivery? It's a bummer with the perm accounts... since they're only sold for one week and I know that my friend is thinking about buying it for themselves, I'm not really sure what to do.

Early Christmas presents suck...

Honestly, I think that even if it was early they would still appreciate it. :) It would give them something to squee over until christmas actually arrives.

Hmmmmm... yeah... I suppose that's what I'll end up doing.
I'm just a bit sad that it'll mean no actual presents from me to unwrap under the Christmas tree.
You know, besides a card or something super small... but, yeah, I guess... let's hope for squeeing ;)

I'm obviously late to this discussion, but lucky friend! I've wanted a permanent account myself, but that'll have to wait for another year or whenever they come around next. I certainly don't have almost 200 bucks to throw around right now. I'm sure your friend will be/is really excited, and you are totally awesome for giving that to someone. :D

Hehehe - thankies!

Yeah, in the end it was bough in the moment I saw it available... and considering how nervous I had been all day, I wouldn't want to have waited for one more second ;)
And she seemed rather excited, too.

We've actually been four Santas, though - you know, spreading the love :)

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