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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Dashing through the snow...
batman: Christmas Bruce
How do you buy a White Elephant present for less than $5 without having it look like it's coming from Dollarama?
I know how to make good presents for people I know and I don't mind spending money on them... but this is totally exceeding my creativity.

Sometimes I hate Christmas :P

ETA: Okay, I found something. Having no idea who’s gonna get this, I simply went with stuff I’d like to get myself. And now I’m keeping half of it... probably not quite how this was supposed to go, but at least it made me happy again. And my moose/reindeer got two new friends: A snowman and a gingerbread man - so, in a way, I was just being a nice person ;)

Sometimes I love Christmas.

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Ugh I hate that. I have absolutely no idea!!!
:( lol

Yeah, sucks... the sorta kinda good thing is that the person getting this won't know it's from me anyway... I mean, it's sad not being able to make a generic nice present but at least people won't judge me for sucking ;)

ahahaha. this post is made of win :)

I see you're done. Congrats! But I'm confused... why would you want to give your friends a White Elephant?

(The term comes from India, where white elephants are/were sacred. If the king did not like a nobleman, he would give him a white elephant. An extravagant gift. A great honor. A sacred duty... which is cripplingly expensive to maintain. So expensive that upkeep would bring ruin onto his house.)

Is Dollarama like BAB? And White elephant, aww... are you playing Canadian secret santa?

Edited at 2008-12-05 08:36 am (UTC)

LOL - Dollarama is a cheap stuff store where you can buy anything and everything for one dollar. Unfortunately you can often tell that, too ;)

And - hehe, yeah... we're secret-santa-ing in my Bible study :)

that's what I figured out from wiki... we have a french equivalent called La Foifouille. ;p

YAY! that's so cool! Have fun! :)

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