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Spoilt for choice...

I need help: My parents are coming this weekend, so I'll have a "big" dinner at my place on Saturday.

There will be two main dishes, one of them chicken filet filled with cheese, wrapped with ham, mushrooms, everything in a tomato sauce (wow, that sounds so disgusting in English...)

I'm not so sure about the other one though. All I know is, it's going to be a casserole with pasta. So there are two possibilities:

a) pasta with ham in cream sauce (so, that's ham once again)

b) pasta with minced meat in tomato sauce (so, that's tomato sauce once again)

I know, the best would probably be to mix one with the other but I'm really bad at cooking (even if it's just instant stuff) and not up for any experiments.

So, could you tell me which one you'd favor?
I'm pretty sure, my family would savor both but still...

Thanks :)
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