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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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What do they say about the water when it's gone?
christmas/winter: snoopy
I love my crazy family!

They sent me a cute video wishing me a very merry Christmas from all the way across the ocean, featuring all my funny relatives and their lots of pets.

Thank you, guys - you're just the best!

Also: Happy festive season to my flist - I hope you have some lovely days, whatever you celebrate!

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Merry Christmas - how sweet of your family!

Thankies - hope you're having some nice days, too :)

And I totally love your icon: Christmas-Spidey, heeeeee!
(I, uh, dreamt of Spiderman... after a night of watching Batman in various forms - so weird ;))

Merry Christmas!

And how sweet of your family!

Merry Christmas to you, toooooo! *hugs*

aww, that's a cute and sweet thought. Hope you're having a merry Xmas and the wounderfullest of holidays season. :)


*hugs back*

I hope you're doing well, with the move and all - I miss you.

Have a nice and very merry Christmas :)

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