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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Snippets, more or less Christmassy
snoopy: woodstock "Dear LJ"
I got a wonderful package from judosas! Thank you so much, sweetie – it totally made my day! And my roommates now think you’re really awesome, too, so they can’t wait to meet you in May ;)
(On a funny side note: The package was originally from Poste Canada, so it has traveled some thousand miles and seen many countries by now ;))

Speaking of Christmas:
Against all common sense, I’ll be getting a new fish. Liane (one of my roommates) is taking me to a pet shop next Saturday and getting me a fish and a small bowl. That will give me enough time to get a real aquarium (well, a small one), take care of plants and other stuff. Oh, and of course another fish buddy. I’m fighting the urge of giving them certain names :coughs: but... well, ahum... you know me, so you can guess what they’ll be called...

And: I had this awesome feeling of “home” in my stomach when I was walking through Verdun and downtown today – I missed that soooo much. Glad to have it back and be over my Christmas blues :)

So yeah, I'm doing really good right now and I look forward to a movie night with my girls - sounds incredibly tempting :)

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Glad you got it, and so fast even! Even better that you like it! So which part impressed your roomies? Or just the fact that you got it at all?

Reminds me that I had better start doing some shopping for May. *g*

And good to hear you are doing so well! Try to be online around my hours a bit more. ;)

Why hast thou's not our pick? Shame. Are sad :(

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