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And some more questions about 2009

And another review (found at a German blog) thing because I was bored with finding... goals... (I'll tell you later today... hopefully)

1. On a scale from 1 to 10: How was your year?
Oi... 5.5? I had 10s and 1s... so this looks like a fair compromise.
2. Gained or lost weight?
3. Hair longer or shorter?
Pretty much the same length
4. More nearsighted or more farsighted?
Same, I suppose: Nearsighted enough to need glasses for driving but not for the rest of my life.
5. Richer or poorer?
Way poorer, at least concerning money
6. Better or worse job?
I was unemployed at this point last year, so... duh? And my school is looooooots better :)
7. Spent more or less?
Lots more, see 5 and 6
8. Did you win something this year?
The chance of a great education and many insights.
9. Exercised more or less?
Less, I think - which sucks a bit.
10. Number of illnesses?
I don't know. There was just minor stuff, like a cold or stomach flu. Maybe 4 of them, I hardly ever get sick.
11. Of which the worst was?
Seriously, I don't know. I don't get sick... I'm Clark ;)
12. The nuttiest plan?
Oh, there were lots of them. Many included alcohol. The craziest, though, is probably the one still in my head and not yet acted on.
13. The most dangerous venture?
All the nights out in the dark coming home from school at 2am.
14. The most expensive purchase?
My MacBook :)
15. The best food?
maple-sirupped pancakes in the morning
16. The most impressive book?
Touchwood by Karin Kallmaker
17. The most affecting movie?
The best was TDK, hands down. But the one that really touched me was probably Love Actually.
18. The best CD?
Kansas OST
19. The best concert?
Well, considering the "ample variety" of concerts I've been to: Thésée, performed by McGill's music performance students
20. Most time spent?
Studying and chatting - it's a tie, and, honestly, those two go pretty well together.
21. Best time spent?
With friends :)
22. Done for the first time?
Made the first step
23. Done again after a long pause?
Spoken French.
24. Things I could have lived without?
25. The most important thing I needed to convince someone of?
Taking risks
26. The best gift I gave to someone?
I don't know, ask them.
27. The best gift someone gave to me?
28. The most beautiful thing someone said to me?
"I love you."
29. The most beautiful thing I said to someone?
"I love you, too."
30. Word of the year?
McGill (I'm sorry, I'll stop now ;))
31. Un-word of the year?
32. Your favorite blog?
My gorgeous f-list :)

And this is going to sound really stupid but... I keep complaining about last year, constantly. And, yes, it sucked, had more serious lowpoints than the ones before. But it also gave me the great gift of living my dream. So I'm trying to be optimistic, even if right now things look a bit bleak - it can only get better from here, right?
Yep, I'm determined to rock 2009 :)

Happy New Year to everybody out there!

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