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Holy goldfish, Batman...

... I got myself two fish* for Christmas.

I'd like to introduce you to

Clark & Bruce.


Right now, they're living in Rimsky's (the fish I sorta kinda killed) bowl until their new tank is ready for them to move in. It's not ideal by any means but I suppose they'll survive for one or two weeks. Oh, and, um... they're not alone in there. I couldn't say no when I saw that the pet shop also sells snails whose main "purpose" is to keep the glass clean. This tiny guy on the bottom is Alfred and he is actually pretty fast, doing his silent rounds in the bowl:

I'm not sure whether it was a bright idea to give them these names because I'll be even more heartbroken when they die. But I'm a really happy geek, so I suppose the names will stick :)

* Memo to self: It's "fish". Not fishes. Fish. I'll never get my head around that :P

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