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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Fresh from the Justice League kitchen...
Um, yeah, I was creative this weekend and yesterday night:

Things I've learnt:
- You don't need a scale, dough hooks or a rolling pin when you have good visual judgment, patience and a bottle (yeah, this is a students' apartment: no rolling pin but lots of alcohol)
- If we're friends and you wanna stay friends with me, don't try to bake (and even worse: decorate) cookies with me: I'm a messy perfectionist which is a deadly combination
- I have no clue of gingerbread-women's anatomy ;)
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OMG! you're so gifted at this! Srsly. I wonder how you do it. they're so colorful and well shaped and...they all look so yummy!

LOL - you know, the shape is due to cookie cutters ;)

But, yeah, thankies - they turned out pretty cute. And I had so much fun making them, watching TDK and chatting at the same time :D

Oh my! While watching TDK and chatting? Now why am I soo not surprised? *g*

I have no idea - it's so not the kind of thing you'd expect me to do, huh? ;)

totally not. So miles away from you...I mean, I'm apalled! ;p

(Deleted comment)
bahhh.... I have to say this....


Well, you should come here and show me some of your tricks ;)
We could make some pretty action figures and have them do slashy things :D

Porn cookies!

*shakes head at self*

OMG! I want some of those!!! The p0rn cookies, I mean. I already got the JL ones. hee!

When I opened the box and realized I had the Justice League of cookies in there, I about died. It's SO insanely geeky!! I love it. :D

Thank you!!!!!

You're welcome - I had so much fun making them :)

The Gingerbread League. Impressive!

Thankies :D

They could all use a little workout but I suppose their most powerful weapon is cuteness ;)

Truth, justice, and... plenty of sugar!

ROFL! I love 'em! *thinks that she should visit Schnuffichen and bake her grandma's sugar cookie recipe with frosting* 'Twould be FUN! :D

Yes, you should :D

Baking is sooo much fun and anything is even better as soon as you make it geeky!

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