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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Trailer: Split Second & Unity
batssupes: c behind b
Apparently I work well with deadlines. Even better when the inspiration is a pair of damn good fics.
This is a trailer for adarkerknight's "Split Second" and "Unity" - I hope you'll enjoy!

Thanks to genclay for listening to whining and a huge amount of hugs to capefetish for the help, the encouragement and not giving up when I started crying "But this is not working..." - I hate that you're so awfully far away but your timezone is definitely convenient for late-night vidding.

Music: Everything by Lifehouse
Video: Lois & Clark, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight

Incredibly large but incredibly HQ version (90 MB... ahum...): Click here and scroll down to the button

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this is such a wonderful trailer! And I didn't even read the fics that inspired it.

Don't feel useless! You so rock at vids fir starters and you're a wonderful friend and cookie maker and...thx for sharing and *****hugs you madly*****

Why the useless mood?

You should read the fics, they're really good - angsty and very emotional. The first one was actually a gift for Jessi's 21st birthday, so you can imagine the quality :)

I was just having a really crappy day yesterday. I was called by my boss after we chatted and he yelled (I'm not kidding you) at me for screwing up stuff at work and I was so afraid to lose my job which would also mean losing my work permit and, well, there was nobody online to talk to, so I just posted this to feel better about myself and went to bed early.

I'll try to stay focused today and smile - that's usually helping :)
Thanks for the pep talk and the hugs: It's things like that that make life peachy.

dunno what peachy mean but glad I somehow made you feel better. Yelled at you? My! What's the use of yelling anyway. I mean, I'm having a hard time picturing yelling with an actual born leader and worthy boss when profesional life's concerned. OTOH, you know the french saying: "it's usually the one that yell the most that bite the less"?

Smile and life will smile at you. PLus, it'll throw people off! *eg*

oh, here's some rock music that might also boost you (did wonder on me:

the clip's hiolarious and song's stuck in my head now...

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