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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

14 July 1986
Hiyaaaa :)

I'm Jana (yep, don't bother with my very German nickname, it'll break your tongue... not that my first name is any easier to pronounce non-natives... I heard the funniest versions... aaaaanyhow...), a student of Psychology and Linguistics, born and raised (more or less, I only made it to 5'2) in Germany, living in the Netherlands with my heart still beating for Canada.

My blog is all about my crazy life, including school (the International Max Planck Research School for Language Sciences), work (I wanna be a scientist when I'm all grown-up!) and whatever comes to my mind. I'm an avid vidder, a huge fan of Justice League (especially Batman and Superman) and NHL hockey (Habssss!), slash and... a bat. Yeah, really, I am. You'll know what I mean once you got to know me (that's not a threat, it's a warning...).

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